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What are the opportunities and challenges to the UBM business we need to address in the upcoming fiscal year?

UBM is lacking direction and understanding of their current state opportunities and challenges as they prepare to build out their annual marketing strategy.

Host a 3-day discovery workshop to uncover the current state opportunities and challenges for UBM Fashion’s 2018 Marketing Strategy.

  • Meet with stakeholders from attendee marketing, exhibitor marketing, retail relations, marketing technology, business systems and sales
  • Establish goals and KPIs for the year
  • Uncover what is working, and what needs to change in the areas of brand and positioning, lead generation, data segmentation, customer retention, sales enablement, etc.
  • Use these days to educate and inspire the team to think differently about what’s possible in 2018 – break the mould

3-Day Workshop Discovery Areas:

  • Marketplace Brand Strategy
  • Post-Registration Strategy
  • Top of Mind Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Tradeshow Brand Strategy
  • KPI Measurement

The discovered opportunities and challenges for UBM Fashion were used to create their 2018 Marketing Plan and Marketing Playbook. The Marketing Plan outlined the specific elements that would be taken forward in the coming fiscal. This plan prioritized the playbook strategies to align to corporate and marketing goals for the coming years, technology adoption constraints, and resource and budget availability.

The final outcome was a tactical plan for the Q1 elements in the Marketing Plan to help the team identify a step-by-step plan of how to get to market swiftly, how to monitor for optimization and how to allocate time and budget for the greatest immediate returns.

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