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We need better insight into our customer data in order to increase personalization in our sales & marketing strategies.

  • To understand which channels, campaigns, and terms are most effective for specified segments
  • Utilize these insights to create relevant marketing material and content in order to drive sales
  • Further personalize the customer journey for long-term engagement

Analysis of all available existing CMS data and historic inbound marketing channel data to determine customer personas and behaviours at each stage of the customer journey to determine opportunities for optimization:

  • Persona Breakdown
  • Dreamer Analysis
    • Email Performance
    • Web Engagement
  • Researcher Analysis
    • Campaign Engagement
    • Term Engagement
  • Shopper Analysis
    • Campaign Engagement
    • Term Engagement
    • Web Engagement
  • Booker Analysis
    • Book vs Departure Comparison
    • Quarter Comparison
    • Booked Trip Comparison
  • Trip Preference Comparison
    • Country Trip Preference
    • Persona Trip Preference
    • Duration
    • Time of year
    • Group Size

Increasing Dreamer Base

Dreamer Content Revamp
eNews carries some negative annotation for spam, rename and refocus content for visitors to subscribe to (ex. Canada Kit)

Conversion Pass Strategy

High Level Inspiration

Specific content to DREAMERS based on previous successful segmentation and targeting

Dreamer Country

Promo Blast:
Deals and offers to RESEARCHERS that will push them to consider a specific trip

Straying from
Unappealing Winters
Trips & Details

Sales Lift:
Content specific to the particular trip that SHOPPERS are considering

Trip Push
Catered Email
Country Blasts
  • When they’re likely to book
  • Specific wording
  • Popular trip direct links
Warm Destination
  • Non-snowy images in content
  • Summer wordings on Trips
4-6 Day Trip Promotion
for CAN & US
  • Month Prior Last minute Deals
  • Single Coast
  • Canadian Experience (Polar Bear)

Further personalization of FTC’s Long-Term Customer Journey

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