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Our business has outgrown our current tech stack. How do I determine which technology solution my business needs?

Conduct a Systems Discovery:

What is a Systems Discovery? A systems discovery is essentially our way of creating a catered marketing technology project brief for you, by you. We approach this through the facilitation of collaborative sessions that really allow our clients to take ownership of their technology investment by having a thorough understanding of their technology utilization needs.

Critical Components to a Discovery Phase:

1. Ensuring Alignment of Your Organizational Goals and Project Objectives.
  • Development of a unified technology and/or program goal
  • Identification of organizational short-term and long-term goals
  • Utilization of the organization, department, and specific employee strengths
  • Identification of department-specific pain points indicating opportunities for growth
2. Gaining A Holistic Perspective of Your Customer Journey.
  • Customer-centric perspective on engagement, technology, resources and data points
  • Measurement of the positive impact of customer engagement
  • Identification of how technology, data and/or process improvements can improve the customer journey
  • Opportunity for cross-departmental collaboration to increase the efficiency or effectiveness of an organization’s approach to handling customers
3. Establishing the Best Progression for Your Organization’s Data.
  • Optimizing your current processes by better understanding how data is collected, held, and mined by your organization as well as how your human capital can be better deployed to drive success
  • Integration and/or customization of technology that is specifically catered to your organization’s needs
  • Transparency of data collection across departments increasing collaborative use of the data
4. Identifying Requirements for Driving the Customer Journey.
  • Establishment of key processes that drive your organization’s customer journey
  • Thorough list of functional requirements that aligns with cross-departmental needs and determines a detailed MVP plan
  • Final documentation of process maps, functional requirements and data requirements to guide

Ultimately, the KMB value is creating a holistic plan that highlights what is possible for your system through the maximization of your technology, data, people, strategy, and processes. We also provide you with robust documentation of process maps, functional requirements, and data requirements that can be easily passed on to internal and external stakeholders to guide the systems architecture build.


The result?
Effective and efficient utilization of the new system in every way possible.

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