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We’re Data Geeks At Heart.

The KMB team is a group of smart, passionate, and data-driven women with a keen ability to ‘get sh*t done’. We pride ourselves in providing thoughtful solutions, putting the customer first, and achieving measurable results through data-driven marketing and technology strategies.

Everything we do is rooted in data; we like to think of ourselves as the data geeks who do the dirty work to support your team, your other vendors/stakeholders, and ultimately your overall business goals.



With a unique career path as a data strategist, analyst, management consultant, solutions architect, agency leader and entrepreneur; Kelsey offers a unique perspective and skill set that helps marketing and sales organizations thrive. By understanding what your organization is truly trying to achieve and designing the ultimate mix of technology, data and techniques to tackle these objectives, she takes business consulting in a new direction. She has a proven ability to see the bigger picture and create measurable steps to get you there, while her passion instills a level of confidence and excitement throughout your organization.

From Lottery Management, Professional Sports, Real Estate, Tradeshow and Events, Automotive, Investment and Financial Services, Insurance and Retail Goods; Kelsey’s impact has touched nearly every industry. And with a tech background that extends from Salesforce to Marketo, Eloqua, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Conga, Boomi and AWS her experience set can be leveraged to review and enhance some of the most sought-after applications in the Tech World.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

My favourite part of my job is watching peoples’ eyes light up when they learn something new. I love empowering people through information and skill-building. And I get the pleasure of enabling this through some of my favourite things like brainstorm sessions, data analysis, process mapping and improvement planning (yup, I’m a geek). I am lucky to have so many opportunities to use my passions to make an impact on people and businesses everyday.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

Building this amazing team of brilliant, hard-working women. I’ve had the pleasure of hand-selecting, training and mentoring this team into a group of driven data-geeks who create an energetic and exciting culture at KMB. They inspire me every day.



Head of Marketing Technology

Having spent over 17 years of her career in equal parts client, agency, and consulting, Elsa has an in-depth experience and appreciation for strategy, data, operations, and technology from each perspective. Her collaboration with various organizational roles, including C-suite leaders in sales, marketing, and operations, design, developers, product teams, and customer success team, further add to her well-rounded approach to understanding and solving for business challenges.

Elsa has led demand generation and global marketing operation teams in the B2B space, and actualized marketing strategies for various B2C industries including tourism, not-for-profit, automotive, and telecom. Her tech background covers a variety of solutions, including Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Conga, SendGrid, Google Analytics, Outreach, and Intercom. Her experience varies from building revenue attribution models for marketing teams, to creating and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns, to leading new technology discoveries and implementations. But her true passion is empowering marketing and businesses with meaningful data and insights that they can action in an efficient way.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

I come to work every day because every day is different. I love the variety of challenges I get to tackle with the team and the many hats I wear. There is never any ego at KMB and that is rare to find – this environment has allowed me to solve and achieve things that are well outside my expertise and comfort level, and it’s an inspiring place to be.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

This last year was a challenging one – we had a smaller and newer team yet had to launch a product 3 years in the making. In doing so, there were countless accomplishments that made the year worth the challenge, including bending new technology like Conga in ways it’s never been used before, managing code deployments and data migration; however, I think my favourite accomplishment is the teamwork we’ve established to rise to any and every crisis and occasion.



Head of Marketing Strategy

Lauren is an insightful and accomplished data-driven marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience leading successful marketing, PR and communications teams. Lauren has honed her craft across a variety of industries, including travel/tourism, tech, real estate, action sports and CPGs, providing diverse opportunities to shape and execute on both B2B and B2C marketing strategies and campaigns. Demonstrated initiative and creative aptitude coupled with strong interpersonal skills have established Lauren’s reputation as a cross-functional collaborator with a focus on implementing innovative customer-centric strategies to drive brand awareness and revenue growth.

As the Head of Marketing Strategy at KMB, Lauren provides creative and innovative solutions that marry the benefits of technology and marketing with the requirements of client’s business needs, to deliver true utilization and measurable business value. From strategy – implementation – utilization – optimization, Lauren and her team adopt a holistic approach to any project in order to provide true end-to-end marketing support.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

I am so lucky to be able to do what I do every day. Simply put, it’s just good people doing good work for the betterment of our amazing clients. I appreciate having the autonomy to fulfill our obligations to our projects, backed by a bench of smart and supportive women. We are fortunate to be in the position where we can chose our clients/projects, ensuring we work with people who are aligned to our values, share our vision, and trust us to deliver real results with their best interests at heart. It is rare to be able to be so genuine and have such real connections in this industry.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

Diving deeper into the world of real estate marketing has been enlightening. To be able to tackle the quirks and nuances of a new industry and come out the other side of a multi-layered, multi-channeled marketing project with new skills and learnings is one of the many aspects I like most about the world of consulting. The (marketing) principles stay the same but being given the opportunity to apply these to a different landscape (and adding to my knowledge and skillset along the way) makes this ever-changing job forever engaging.




Marketing Systems Producer

Kathleen is KMB’s resident creative ninja since 2018. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Kathleen has evolved from a graphic designer to a technically skilled marketing systems producer. On a day-to-day basis, she utilizes her skills by creating/enabling various creative components across many applications: marketing systems, email technology, paid and organic digital marketing channels, as well as traditional creative marketing needs for KMB’s clients. Kathleen’s essential qualifications have enabled her to aid the KMB team in mastering intricate marketing technologies such as Conga in Salesforce, Marketo’s email and landing page templates, as well as the Google and Meta suite of lead gen products.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

I come to work every day because every I am captivated by how creative campaigns and data can intersect and enhance each other — it’s a thrilling puzzle to unravel daily!

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

In the last year, my greatest accomplishment at work has been assisting in the successful launch of Conga within Salesforce, which has allowed the client to automate and streamline a number of important business operations.



Marketing Automation Coordinator

Being a recent graduate with her master’s degree in Digital Marketing, Rachael was excited to dive into the opportunities and challenges available at KMB. As the Marketing Automation Coordinator, Rachael’s skillset and capabilities have developed considerably over the last year she has been on the team. She spends a lot of her day working alongside Elsa (Head of Marketing Technology), managing the scheduling and deliverability of a very complex calendar of communication needs, on behalf of our clients. Managing global client needs across a variety of time zones and last-minute changes requires Rachael to be agile, proactive and a strong communicator. She continually rises to the occasion and has a proven ability to take on any new challenges with ease and grace.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

Working with KMB doesn’t feel like ‘work.’ To me, it feels like going into the office with a bunch of friends and spending time on something I love, find interesting and most importantly, enjoy. The best thing about KMB is collaboration – if I don’t know the answer, or need help, there is always someone on the team willing to give you hand without hesitation. We’re a family at KMB!

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

While my role was not directly involved with the new technology build, it is still essential for ensuring the exact emails are sent to the correct people at the precise time. Knowing that my work is making a difference for the client and keeping the Marketing Technology emails going, feels like a great accomplishment daily.



Business Analyst / Salesforce Administrator

Ria’s strong background in leadership and management enables her to bring a person-focused perspective to the operations of data-driven marketing systems. Ria’s current area of expertise is the administration of Salesforce systems, as well as solutioning and training individuals on the systems operations. Ria’s ability to learn new systems, data models, and customer requirements allows her to discover and resolve business requirements in a friendly, efficient way. Ria has shown incredible aptitude to learning new things and competently takes on any challenge thrown her way with a cool, calm and collected demeanor.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

The team; being able to show up and be part of an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ culture, no matter your job title, is a daily inspiration. The egoless drive to learn and grow as individuals but also as a company is such a fulfilling work dynamic.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

Having joined a marketing technology company with no previous experience, my capacity for learning and development has been challenged. My greatest accomplishment is that I was able to hit the ground running and succeed in areas that were completely new to me. I’ve also been about to pursue continued learning with the support of the incredible team at KMB.


Project Coordinator

Carlie’s love of logistics and attention to detail has served her well in her administrative career so far. Coordinating teams in a variety of industries from tourism to recruitment to hospitality, she is no stranger to teamwork and fast-paced environments. Carlie brings her friendly, positive, outgoing personality to her role of Project Coordinator at KMB. She is a Jill of all trades; Carlie has a finger on the pulse of all of KMB’s projects. With her organizational and interpersonal skills, she collaborates with colleagues, clients, and vendors to keep everyone organized and on track. Carlie has great communication skills developed through over 15 years working in group settings and she puts those to good use when delivering schedules, deadlines, progress reports, and status updates. Carlie is adaptable and thrives under pressure – she works well in ever-changing environments. Thanks to Carlie, the KMB team stays on schedule and always knows their deliverables and deadlines.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

My favourite part about working with KMB is the growth I have experienced. There has not been one day since I started that I haven’t learned something new. KMB consistently takes on new challenges, which has allowed me the opportunity to develop new skills and hone existing ones. Every team member brings a different skill set and career background to our bench, as well as the aptitude to learn and grow, so when we’re faced with a roadblock we can’t readily remediate, we combine our unique experiences and knowledge base in order to move forward and overcome any challenge.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

When I look back on 2022, I will always remember it as the year we completed a complex and key function of a multi-year project; the loyalty program on a lottery management system. The membership program was a beast with countless moving parts, and it was a huge project to be a part of. I am proud to say I assisted the KMB team in getting the loyalty program across the finish line on time.




Accounts Manager

Ellis boosts a diverse background in teaching and brings her passion for learning, teaching, organization, and meticulous accounting to her role as Accounts Manager at KMB. Ellis works part time with KMB, focusing on the bookkeeping and management of various internal and external accounts. Ellis does not shy away from other items that land on her plate and is the go-to person for miscellaneous questions and tasks. She is a dedicated teacher and loves working with others, while her ambitious and energetic approach to all aspects of her job make her an asset to the KMB team.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

My favourite part of my job is our wonderful team and the opportunity to acquire new skills. I value being a part of this community and love the people I work with.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

I am very proud of the bookkeeping system I created to organize and file KMB expenses.


Head of Business and Financial Operations

Colleen has been with KMB since its inception, bearing witness to this innovative and brilliant group of women as the company evolved into a cohesive team that genuinely understands and can help businesses in any sector overcome their business challenges to succeed and thrive in our digital world.

With a lifetime of experience in the financial services industry and past experience running a family business, Colleen provides the financial, operational and administrative foundation for KMB. Colleen came to KMB following an extensive career with Scotiabank that crossed many business units and roles. This experience provided a background in accounting, finance, marketing and leadership, which has enabled Colleen to take care of our business while we take care of yours.

What is your favourite part of your job / Why do you come to work every day?

Having spent my adult life as a female in the business world, I enjoy working with this team of brilliant young women. I am constantly amazed at their knowledge, their ingenuity, and their commitment to KMB and to their clients.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment at work in the last year?

My greatest accomplishment this year was assisting with a reorganization in the Business and Finance area, bringing on a needed level of expertise as the company grows and the business world becomes more complex.