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Our team doesn’t have the manpower to strategize and execute an omni-channel marketing campaign.

Bosa Development has a residential real estate development in downtown Calgary called The Royal, which is nearing completion and occupancy. They are in need of a consumer-facing campaign to entice the sale of the last remaining units.

Campaign Planning and Execution:
In order to strategize, plan and execute on any given campaign, it is imperative to first understand the objectives behind the campaign (from both a sales and marketing perspective) and ensure that, from a high-level, all existing brand positioning, brand voice and target audience communications are in line with the campaign objectives.

In this case, as The Royal heads into completion and occupancy, it is time to change the story of “Live Your Best Life” at the Royal to now showcase the amazing life that awaits within the walls of The Royal. Featuring the amenities, finishings, views and proximity, this 4-5 month campaign will extend across digital channels to captivate and inspire the target market

Target:  3 primary target audiences


  1. Sales = sell remaining units
  2. Lead Gen = Registration sign-ups for future availability
  3. Brand Awareness = Social media followers

A dashboard was created based on the objectives in order to establish what aspects of the current data could be used to drive click-to-cash reporting.

The following are samples of specific areas within the analytical funnel:

To achieve the objective, the content created will focus on the primary key message, to introduce the project and establish an overall foundation for future content/campaigns:

  1. Key Messages: Life is Better at The Royal: The Royal offers a better location. Better finishings. Better floorplans. Better proximity. Better amenities. A better life. It’s just better at The Royal. Take a look and see for yourself.
  2. Digital & Print
    1. Video Adverts
    2. Paid Social Adverts (FB/IG)
    3. Organic Social Posts (IG/FB)
    5. Print Ad: RENTAL RELEASE
  3. Email Strategy
  4. Sales Initiatives
  5. Events

Throughout the course of the 4–5-month campaign, there were a number of KPIs that were tracked against to ensure all communications efforts were producing a positive ROI.

A Marketing Scorecard/Dashboard was created to track results of each communication and allow for constant transparency an understanding of how each marketing effort was landing with the target audience.

Strategies and tactics were constantly evaluated and adjusted as needed throughout the campaign, pivoting where needed to keep the campaign tracking towards increased engagement and optimal conversions.

By the end of the campaign, The Royal had hit its sales targets.

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