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Our inbound marketing channels bring in more leads than our call centre can handle. How do we prioritize which leads have the best chance of converting?

Our client, a Canadian tourism company, was seeing an issue with gaining an influx of leads from new successful marketing efforts. The number of leads was growing exponentially, and the sales team did not have the bandwidth to handle the quantity coming in. In addition, there was a lack of understanding and acceptance that these new leads brought in by marketing were in fact viable opportunities that could be closed. How would the sales team be able to utilize the new successes and efforts of the marketing team and continue to drive growth within the organization if they had no idea where to start?

KMB approaches lead scoring in three ways:
Sales Readiness, Value Scoring, and Segmentation Scoring.

  1. Sales Readiness: Identifying Which Leads are Ready for Sales to Contact
    These are leads who are deemed ready to be contacted by the sales team through measurement of urgency and fit.
  2. Value Scoring: Distinguishing Value of a Lead to an Organization
    The approach to value scoring is driven by internal quantification methods that define what value means to the organization, usually through product valuation. The strategy includes taking a holistic list of a company’s products and ranking them based on monetary value or importance to the organization.
  3. Segmentation Scoring: Having Relevant Conversations with Targeted Leads
    After a lead is deemed ready for sales, and the value of the lead is determined, it is important to ensure that leads are being engaged with the organization effectively. Segmentation scoring is also based on the digital body language that leads are representing. By assigning scores to specific forms and page engagement, we can derive an interest area for the individual.

Through the implementation of these lead scoring methodologies our client saw major results in sales alignment and an increase in sales accepted leads. We were also able to handle revenue optimization, product development, and a flexible segmentation that would adjust throughout the customer journey.

With the implementation of these methodologies through the utilization of tokens within Marketo, the management and optimization of these scores are improved dramatically. Tried and true, this practice unleashed the potential of the sales team, allowing the company to grow through data driven insights.

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